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Reiki Chakra Balancing

Chakra Shine Yoga Mat

What is Chakra Shine?

An extremely effective and easy way to balance your Chakras every day.

The seven colours of the spectrum and your Chakras are perfectly aligned.

The interaction provides powerful energy healing and balancing.


Chakra Shine Colour Spectrum

How do I use Chakra Shine?

Chakra Shine is simple to use.

Align the top of your head along Violet.

Your Chakras are now directly receiving a vibrational colour massage.


Chakra Shine Crystal Quilt


Chakra Shine comes in 3 general height sizes

Small - <165cm / 5ft

Medium - 165cm  - 180cm / 5.5ft

Large - >180cm / 6ft


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Chakra Shine Crystal Quilt



Chakra Shine Yoga Mat

Be balanced


Chakra Shine Balancing Bed Linen 

Reiki Bed Linen


Designer Yoga Mat

Reiki Yoga Mat


Couture Crystal Quilt

Reiki Crystal Quilt 

With hidden Crystal Pockets

Coming Soon Beach Towels 

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