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The subject of Chakras is difficult to raise in polite company these days. Some regard the topic as new-age nonsense or cultural pseudoscience. Although Chakras have a corresponding area or place in the physical body, they are not of a physical nature and therefore, their existence is very difficult to prove from a scientific point of view. However, Chakras are first mentioned in the Vedas, which are the oldest written tradition in India (2,000 - 600 BC), are embedded in Hindu and Buddhist history and are now widely accepted in today's society.

The word Chakra is derived from the Hindu Sanskrit language, meaning 'wheel' or 'disk' and can be described as wheel like vortices which exist in the surface of the subtle body of living beings.  Seven main Chakras are located from the base of your spine to your crown, are aligned with the seven visible colours of the spectrum, and the seven main nerve ganglia which emanate from the spinal column.  

It has long been believed that balanced Chakras are important to living a life of physical and spiritual wellbeing.  External experiences and the way you perceive and internalise them can cause an imbalance to the particular relating Chakra.  For example, people who have trouble communicating are said to have an imbalanced Throat Chakra or if you are sad and unable to love, you would need to balance your Heart chakra.  

Awareness and analysis of your feelings and emotions is essential in balancing your Chakras. Observe how your body feels in a stressful situation or while undergoing a repetitive lesson in your life.  You can then associate each Chakra with a following quality and decipher how to balance it.

Active - Chakra functioning as intended.  Healthy input and output of energy.  The person is usually fit and healthy, with vibrant emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Underactive - Needs stimulation, usually with a colour vibration.

Passive/Balanced - Energies are either at rest or in a harmonious balance of input and output.

Overactive - Is overstimulated, possibly trying to eliminate undesirable energies in any of the bodies.

View more comprehensive information on each Chakra listed below or view a Full List.

Violet Crown Sahasrara
Indigo Brow Ajna
Blue Throat Vishuddha
Green Heart Anahata
Yellow Solar


Orange Sacral


Red Base



Chakra Balancing Tips

You do not need to meditate for hours to align your chakras and bring them back into balance.   Here are some tips to bring a little chakra loving into your everyday life;

Go outside, find a nice grassy patch and kick your shoes off.   Wiggle your toes into the grass and earth underneath.  Feel yourself supported by the earth beneath your feet.   Repeat this whenever you feel ungrounded.

Get out your art supplies and have an art date with yourself.   Use as many colours as you can and fill the page with lines, shapes and squiggles.   Stick your creation on your fridge or above your desk for at least a week as a reminder of how fun it is to create.

Solar Plexus
Place your hands on your belly and take a few deep belly breaths to fill it.   Slowly and gently massage around your bellybutton in a clockwise direction.   Allow your belly to gurgle as it settles once more. Repeat whenever you feel nervous or anxious.

At least once a day hug your partner, child or a dear friend.   If you do not have huggable people in your life, get some cuddle time from your pets.   Repeat this open heart connection through touch whenever and wherever appropriate.

Put on your favorite song of the moment and sing along loudly and with vigor, as if you are a contestant on The Voice or Idol.   Singing in the shower and in the car during traffic jams is especially encouraged.

Pull a card from your favorite oracle or tarot deck.   Write down the first words and phrases that come to mind as you glaze at your card.  Pay attention to your emotional responses to the colours, images and patterns.   Repeat this as a daily practice to hone your intuitive awareness.

Massage your scalp with your fingers or a scalp massager.   Close your eyes and let go the tension you hold in your head.  As you relax you will feel an opening at the top of your head as your crown chakra unfolds.

Keep it simple and enjoy!

Chakra Balancing Tips provided by Jo Crawford.  Visit Jo's site at;



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