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Reiki Crystal Quilt

The stunning Chakra Shine brand is now available as a quilt - the portable chakra balancing mat.

Colour perfectly aligned to your Chakras!

This quilted mat is beautifully finished, provides a soft foundation and is made from 100% cotton, with 100% Organic Bamboo 4mm wadding. Fully machine washable.

The underside provides a hidden Crystal Pocket along both edges, to place crystals, or cards, anything really, aligned at each chakra point.

Available chakra height sizes: Small <165cm, Medium 165-180cm, Large >180cm.

Ideal for Reiki Practioners and Masseurs to assist client reiki/chakra balancing. 
Lay on it anywhere, at the beach, on your couch or office chair, during yoga, whilst relaxing, and feel the energy and colour healing benefits of the Chakra Shine brand.


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    Crystal Quilt

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